Busted! Blog Title

Your bracket might be busted, but your kitchen remodel budget doesn’t have to be! Did you know that in 2015 the average mid-level kitchen remodel in the US cost a whopping $56,768 (see source below)! That can be more upsetting than not picking a 12 seed over a 5!

The top three budget busters are your usual suspects: appliances, countertops and cabinets. And while we can’t help with the cost of the first two, it might be worth considering taking a different approach with your cabinets. Re-painting or re-staining your existing cabinets can really add money back to your budget while giving you the same desired effect in many cases! Who knew?!

Now you might be thinking, “There’s no way anyone can help my cabinets!”, but before you go and knock it out consider what paint (or stain) can do.

Let’s play a little game, shall we? We’ll call it Remodel or Re-Paint; you decide whether the cabinets shown are those of a remodeled kitchen, or have been re-painted (or re-stained).


1.   2.  
3.   4.  


If you guessed that all 4 cabinets have either been re-painted or re-stained you’d be correct! And the average cost for a kitchen cabinet refresh project is approximately HALF of what it might cost to reface existing cabinets and A QUARTER of the cost to replace them!*

It’s true! You could change the color, the stain or even add depth and intensity with an antiqued finish; just with paint or stain! So the next time you’re thinking your dreams of making it to the Kitchen Remodel dance are busted, consider your opponent and use this knowledge to your advantage! You never know, the kitchen of your dreams may actually be within reach!


* This information is based upon an average remodel size and materials.  All projects are unique, which is why it is important to get estimates before deciding on any home remodel.