The holidays can be a stressful time of year despite all the carols, hot chocolate and elf movies on TV.  So we're here to help eliminate some of the consternation with our handy list of super-helpful decorating tips for the holidays!


#1.  Answering the age-old question

Did you know there is a simple mathematical equation to solve the “How many ornaments/lights/garland do I need for my Christmas tree?” dilemma? The answer is: 9 feet of garland, 100 lights, and 20 ornaments for every foot of Christmas Tree height!


#2.  Hands OFF!

Are you having trouble keeping paws and tiny hands off of the lights you’ve strung on your tree?  Try stringing them on the inside of the branches to conceal their wires.  This also gives off a festive glow from the inside, making your tree shine from within!


#3.  Make some room

Instead of pounding holes in your mantle to adorn it with garland, strings of lights, and stockings why not cut an oversized board to place over your mantle to take the brunt of the punishment?  This will widen and elongate your mantel for easy decorating and give you the ability to staple, glue and even nail things to your heart’s content without impacting your mantle’s structure or appearance. And voila; extra space abounds!


#4.  Start with a clean slate

Remove your regular decorations from walls, shelves, tables and other nooks including doors and windows.  When you remove those items you’re able to better see and visualize the space in order to place your seasonal decorations properly.  This method also gives you the opportunity to 1- clean those areas that might get neglected and 2- see if your space is balanced and proportionate.


#5.  Don’t wait!

Doing all your holiday decorating not only takes all the fun and cheer out of the holiday, but can also make your overall stress levels increase exponentially.  Instead, take things room by room and make an afternoon of decorating one area instead of cramming it all into one stress-filled, “bah-humbug” type of day.